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*Disclaimer – Live club mixes are not radio friendly.


The 30 Minute Mixtape Playlist (Top 40, Pop, Dance)

The Live Club Mix Playlist (Mixes recorded live in the club)

The Basement Playlist (Mixes recorded live from my basement)

The Pump Me Up Playlist (Run, lift, yoga…mixes for that workout)

The Friday Night Fallout Playlist (Electro, House, Lounge, EDM + More – Bringing the Club to your living room!)

The Spin Cycle Playlist (A mix of eclectic music hosted by me)

The Christmahanukwanzika Playlist (My critically acclaimed by no one holiday mix series)

The Yeehaw Summer Tailgate Playlist (Country/Rock summer concert tailgate stuff)

The Mix CD Playlist (CDs give-a-ways you may have stuck in a car radio)